What to stock for Drizly’s online gift-givers

November 21, 2019


With the holidays upon us, we took some time to reflect on our most gifted items. From bourbon to tequila and champagne to red wine, we’ve highlighted some of the tried-and-true best sellers and identified some up-and-coming favorites that you should be sure to have handy this holiday season before they fly off your digital shelves.

Historic top sellers

Every year, liquor and wine take the top spots for most gifted categories on Drizly. Due to the high demand, these are also the first categories that customers see when they come to Drizly and begin their search, so you know they’ll always be top of mind. Here are the top sellers that you should consider stocking this holiday season:

Liquor: Whiskey and bourbon are popular gifting items for liquor lovers. Bulleit Bourbon topped our 2018 most gifted bourbon list, with almost 2,000 bottles purchased as gifts. We also recommend stocking up on Basil Hayden’s and Johnnie Walker Blue Label, as these have stood out year after year as Drizly top gifted items.

For those that prefer something other than whiskey & bourbon, we have seen Don Julio 1942 and Casamigos Blanco as consistent gift items.

Champagne & Sparkling Wine: The top selling wines on Drizly during the holiday rush tend to trend more towards the bubbly varieties. Last year, we saw almost 20,000 bottles of Veuve Clicquot purchased as gifts. Other brands like La Marca, and Moet & Chandon top the list and should always be in stock for last minute gift givers through Drizly and in your store.

2019 predictions

It’s no surprise that according to our sales data, we have identified the classics above as top sellers for 2019 that you should carry, as well. Here are some other brands trending right now that we anticipate will be popular with your customers this holiday season. You can also see these featured in some of our holiday buying guides created for customers who are planning big events this season.

Liquor: In 2018, we saw bourbon sales for brands like Maker’s Mark, Knob Creek and Legent increase by 63% in October, November, and December, are sure to be popular picks this year as well. We’re also seeing gin buyers looking for trending brands like Hendrick’s and Tanqueray.

You can also expect Bailey’s and Ketel One to be popular for holiday-themed cocktail purchases like this Bailey’s Martini recipe that?s a team favorite.

Champagne & Sparkling Wine: When it comes to champagne and sparkling wine, there’s a reason that a few names always remain in the conversation: Mionetto and Dom Perignon. Last year, Drizly saw a collective 88% increase for these products during the holiday gifting season. You simply can’t go wrong with one of these picks, and they’re guaranteed to be among the top-sellers this year.

Wine: For the gift givers that aren’t looking for something bubbly, we expect these brands to be popular gifts this coming season:  Josh Cellars, Orin Swift, 14 Hands, and Coppola. Drizly has been seeing these brands consistently trending in our Top Selling Items report as we make our way to the holiday season, so you can expect your customers to be looking for them as they prep for their holiday events.

Any questions on our trends or looking to sell online? Reach out to us at blaine@joindrizly.com.

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