Dec 15, 2018


Dec 15, 2018


Employees may steal, and if they do, they will probably continue stealing until they get caught. Even worse, employee theft doesn’t just mean lost products, it means that you have an untrustworthy staff member in the organization and ultimately will have to fire them. Restaffing can cost the business even more. It’s best if it never gets to the point where employees feel that stealing from you is acceptable or even possible. Here are some ways to prevent it:

  1. Keep Strict Inventory -Keeping an accurate inventory is crucial for many reasons, but it also has important loss prevention applications. Regular inventory checks can help you keep tabs on, not only which bottles disappear, but approximately when. If employees are aware that lost bottles raise questions, they will be discouraged from stealing.


  1. Control Access to Certain Products -It’s important to lock up high-priced bottles to prevent customer theft, but many stores even control employee access to many products. Some bottles should be made only accessible by key holding managers. In our experience, employees are less likely to steal flashy products, however, if they think they can get away with it, they may be tempted. Either way, the act of protecting expensive bottles sends a message to staff that you don’t slouch on theft.


  1. On Bag Checks -Many retail proprietors feel uncomfortable checking employees bags. Larger retail operations have loss prevention teams that handle this, and employees understand it to be part of the job. For smaller shops, it may be uncomfortable to personally police your employees like this. We recommend having lockers for employee’s personal belongings during the day, the best place to keep these is in an office area near the store’s safe. It also prevents clutter in your store. This room is where you need security cameras most. Any bottles that enter that room, and leave in bags, will be recorded on video. This doesn’t make theft impossible, but it makes it a lot more difficult.


  1. Zero Tolerance/Make an Example -When you catch an employee stealing, it’s important to fire them quickly and openly. Make sure everyone else on staff knows what happened after that employee has been terminated. Treating thieves severely is a good message to send.