The Drizly CX team: a retailer’s secret weapon

December 13, 2019


As a Drizly Retail Partner, you have access to a number of exclusive features to help you grow your online business. As your orders increase and your online business booms, there will inevitably be times that you need support outside of your store and employees. This is where the Drizly customer support team comes to the rescue.

Meet our team

You may think that CX (customer support) is dedicated to helping customers only, but not at Drizly. In fact, our team:

  • Spends 55% of their time working with retailers
  • Has 25 dedicated members here to help retailers at any given moment during a live order
  • Has 3 dedicated CX’ers focused entirely on advanced retail store support (marketing, invoicing, payment issues, inventory issues, etc.)

With support centers across the country, you can expect a response to your problem and an answer to any time-sensitive questions in 6 minutes or less.

This is especially crucial to lean on during the busy season, when CX receives 22% more inbound questions/requests from retailers compared to the rest of the year. With more than half of requests coming from retailers, you can be sure that anyone that picks up the phone will be well-versed on how to help you overcome your problem.

When should I turn to CX instead of my AM?

Your account manager is your go-to person for growing your business on Drizly. They’re committed to the success of your business and will do whatever they can to get you to your goals.

Outside of your standard daily operations, our CX team is here to assist with a number of issues including, but not limited to:

  • Daily operations like linking products, inventory issues, missed deliveries, and invoicing/payments.
  • In-the-moment fixes when dealing with a live order, like finding a missing customer, updating incorrect inventory on site.
  • 3rd party delivery for participating retailers. Drizly handles all communication to clear up discrepancies with our 3rd party delivery partners.
  • Marketing assets like in-store materials, promotions, and communication.
  • Training on Drizly tools in the moment for delivery drivers and store employees.

Tips of the trade from our CX experts

We asked our CX?ers to describe some of their favorite parts about working with retailers like you and give some tips to help smooth out the process for any future retailers. Here’s what they had to say:

Getting in touch:

“Drivers not being able to get in touch with a customer for an order is one of our most common fixes for retailers,” said our Customer Experience Manager, Hilary, “We typically ask drivers/stores to attempt delivery and communication one time before they turn to us to do the outreach. We’ll make sure your driver is able to successfully complete the delivery, and if they cannot, we will work with your team to reschedule at a time that works for both parties.”

Training on Drizly tools:

“Often times, the store owner or general manager is the one to go through tool trainings when onboarding to Drizly,” said Brian, Director of Customer Experience, “Our team will spend time with delivery drivers and sales reps that may be having issues with tools when the manager isn’t available. We’ve also found these on-the-fly trainings helpful to identify feedback on tools in real-time that later helps us put out better products for our stores.”

Building relationships:

“My favorite part of the job is definitely the relationships we build with our retail partners who call in regularly,” said Hilary, “You talk to some so frequently that you get to know each other, and that helps with all problem solving down the road.”

Simply put, think of our CX team as your secret weapon or even your offensive line. Let us handle all of the intangibles of your online business so you can focus on your ever-growing success.

Interested in becoming a Drizly retailer? Fill out the form or email and a member of our sales team will be in touch!

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