How to nail a corporate order, according to our team

October 18, 2019


With customers throwing celebrations at home and in the office, the holiday season brings a lot of extra business to liquor store owners like you. To help your store nail the perfect office order this season and beyond, we chatted with our corporate sales team and got the lowdown on what you need to do:

Keep an accurate inventory of your top sellers and extras

You’ll want to make sure your inventory is accurately reflected so you can fulfill the expected asks for cases or bulk purchasing of a single item or extra.

“We’ve found that our corporate customers ask for specifics,” says Sarah, one of Drizly’s White Glove Delivery reps. “Clear plastic cups for wine, bags of ice, things like that. Some customers will base their order solely around stores that can fulfill these asks.”

Substitutions can become an issue if an event is being planned with a specific budget or theme in mind, so you want to be sure your stock is accurately reflected where orders are being placed.

Prioritize pre-scheduled orders

On Drizly, about 80% of our corporate orders are scheduled ahead. When you receive a pre-scheduled order, it’s important to pull that product ASAP and set it aside to avoid selling through and having to substitute the product the day of.

It’s also important to think ahead for these orders. Are they ordering beers or wines that should be chilled? Set these items aside in your fridge so drinks are ready to consume as soon as they’re delivered. Colder drinks = happier customers = more repeat orders.

Pay extra attention to the details

“It’s really important to pay attention to even the smallest of details when it comes to corporate orders,” says Jillian, a corporate sales executive in Drizly’s Boston HQ. “Even something as simple as your dropoff point. Since these are going to a business, you’ll probably have to bring it to the correct floor or suite in the building.”

Is this a gift order? Printing a note and putting the product in a bag is an added touch.

Did the business ask for the delivery at a set time? Corporate events often have a prompt start time and orders must arrive when they are scheduled so the party isn’t delayed. As with any business, it’s the little things that’ll help set you apart from your competition.

Don’t forget about the customer experience

Corporate customers are more likely to call out good service from their deliveries, so always remember that a positive experience does not go unnoticed. Delivery drivers are building a relationship with the customer that could benefit that store for years to come.

“More often than not, a smooth order and delivery builds trust and leads to corporate accounts requesting their next order comes from the same store,” says Kim, Drizly’s Corporate Business Development Manager. “They want to keep things simple, and what’s easier than reordering?”

Use Drizly’s White Glove Service

If you’re looking to move into fulfilling large corporate orders (typically $300+), Drizly can make the transition seamless for you and your staff with our White Glove Service. We have a dedicated White Glove Service Team who will guide you through the delivery from the day the order was received.

Prior to the order being placed, our team will contact you to confirm inventory, review specific delivery options and obtain a certificate of insurance. We will follow up with you on the day of the delivery to walk through any last minute roadblocks.

“It’s honestly a pretty sweet service that makes everything super easy for retailers,” said Lauren, Drizly’s B2B Product Marketing Manager.

Okay, that quote was me.

If you are not yet a Drizly retailer and are interested in fulfilling corporate orders, fill out our form here or email to become a retail partner.



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