How liquor stores deliver the best gift giving experience

November 22, 2019


The holiday season means your regular customers (as well as new customers) will be relying on your store to fulfill gift orders to friends and family. Creating a memorable gifting experience will increase your sales and customer base, bringing additional gifting orders and new customers to your store. We spoke to some of our active retail partners to learn how their teams go above and beyond to create a special experience with every gift delivered, ensuring repeat customers and bringing new loyal customers to their stores.

Don?t blow the surprise

“The element of surprise works best for any gift-giving!” according to Nick, a Drizly retail partner in Arizona. When you receive a gift order for delivery, always contact the sender and not the recipient to arrange the delivery. Make sure the recipient’s name is on the order so delivery drivers can scan the correct ID.

Some stores also save gift sets as an additional “surprise and delight” tactic when fulfilling a gift order. “By swapping a regular Ketel One with a Ketel One gift set at no additional cost, it creates an extra surprise for both sender and recipient,” said NYC liquor store owner Meghan, “it helps create loyalty through our store when we go above and beyond.”

Two customers for the price of one!

Not only can gifting create loyalty with existing customers, it helps bring new customers to your store. “We take gifts very seriously as we’re able to impress both the sender and recipient – who might not have found our store otherwise,” said Los Angeles liquor store owner Sam.

Other tips to impress your potential new customer: Invest in gift bags for a great presentation and include your business card with the gift note so the recipient knows where the gift came from and can purchase from you, too.

Attention to detail matters

Gift bags and tissue paper adds an elegant touch to the gifting experience (Drizly has gift bags and notes available to retail partners upon request), but the experience doesn’t end there. Always make sure the bottle is clean and the price sticker is removed without any residue before you wrap it up.

“We hand write each note as neatly as possible,” said Boston retail partner Eamon, “we want the recipient to enjoy their gift and think of us when they need to send off a gift.”

You can go above and beyond by also bringing a chilled, as well as a non-chilled wine/beer/bottle option for the customer to select from.

Experience the joy of gift-giving

When all is said in done, don’t forget to enjoy the gift giving experience! You may be just the carrier, but in the end you get to deliver the gift to the recipient and experience their joy.

“We deliver the gift with a big smile and say “Enjoy!” says New York liquor store owner Lakshmi, “Their happiness is contagious.”

Ready to start delivering gifts through Drizly? Reach out to us at and see how our team can get you up and running with ease.

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