The key to online delivery success (from three Drizly Retail Partners)

November 07, 2019


Drizly Retail Partners measure success in a lot of different ways, but for most, it all comes down to an increase in sales. Knowing this, we monitored the success of three different stores at different points along the Drizly Retail Partner journey to see where they saw the biggest increase, what they did to increase their chances of success and what they learned along the way to keep growing sales through Drizly.

Meet our retail partners:

These stores have all been partnering with Drizly for different periods of time and in different locations across the country, but we found that there were three keys to success across the board: store hour availability, delivery experience and leveraging your Drizly Account Manager.

Long story short: there are some tried and true ways to dramatically increase the value of your partnership with Drizly and begin growing your sales today.?

Store 1 – Dallas, TX – One month in:

Drizly Retail Partner Since: August 2019

Average Monthly Sales in Market: $13k

Retailer Results: Saw a ~36% week over week increase in sales from deliveries through Drizly

Store 2 – Los Angeles, CA – Six months in:

Drizly Retail Partner Since: March 2019

Average Monthly Sales in Market: $4k/month

Retailer Results: Saw an average month-over-month increase of 45% in gross merchandise volume (GMV).?

Store 3 – New York, NY – One year in:

Drizly Retail Partner Since: September 2018

Average Monthly Sales in Market: $25k/month

Retailer Results: This is ~200% higher than the average first year store in the NYC market

Key learnings:

1. The more availability, the higher the sales

Making your store available for delivery orders during normal hours of operation will increase your odds of getting new customers. However, you’ll want to make sure you’re fully staffed and ready to take on these additional customers as they come. Pausing deliveries will create a negative customer experience and decrease the amount of orders you receive.

Take advantage of the known busy hours in your market. Being available for deliveries when the majority of your customers are shopping will set you up for the most success in e-commerce. We recommend being available between our busiest hours of 4-10pm.

Store 1 started out with narrow delivery windows in an attempt to keep pauses to a minimum and keep up with demand. As it started seeing the increase in business and the potential for even more orders, the owner staffed up and eventually increased its available delivery hours to cover the daily rushes and pick up additional orders when other stores in the area would turn off, resulting in an increase in business.

Store 2 took advantage of third-party delivery (only available in select markets) to ensure it always had a delivery driver available to fulfill an order. As a result, it was able to open up its delivery window – 7:30am to 1am daily, leading to increased sales without disrupting their normal operations.

Store 3 was able to start delivering corporate orders because of their consistent availability during busy hours when corporate events are typically held. These higher value orders (~$150/ order compared to $60/order for consumers) led to a lot of repeat corporate business.

2. It’s all about the delivery experience

In liquor stores, and retail in general, customer experience is everything. It’s how you generate new customers and build a good reputation for your store/brand, in turn gaining loyal customers and the repeat orders that come with them.

The same goes for deliveries. It is crucial to treat you delivery customers the same as your in-store customers. Although customers will be ordering your products through Drizly, it is ultimately the delivery experience that will keep them coming back.

Store 2 prioritized and achieved one of Drizly’s highest customer return rates (nearly 40%). How? It regularly reached out to their customers in real-time via text to let them know their orders were being packed and/or on the way. It also followed up if a delivery didn’t go so well. Our customer contact feature makes it easy to do this while protecting your driver’s privacy.

Punctuality is key to the Drizly customer experience, which is why Drizly promises on-demand deliveries in 60 minutes or less. And look, we get it, delays are bound to happen, and communication is key when it does. To improve the overall delivery experience and cut down on delivery times, train your delivery drivers on how to handle delays and hire experienced drivers that know the area. Store 3 consistently delivers 90% of its orders in under 60 minutes and 70% in under 40 minutes. This has increased its store rating on Drizly, thereby attracting more orders from customers without having to cut the price of its items.

In short, quicker deliveries equal happier customers which equal return customers and more sales.

3.?Work closely with your Drizly Account Manager

Your Account Manager (AM) at Drizly is your go-to expert for all things related to a successful partnership. The three stores listed above all highlighted the importance of this relationship in identifying new opportunities to increase their business on Drizly.

Store 1 used their AM to perfect the basics. It made sure to train its entire team on the Drizly order processes early on, ensuring that its staff was set up for success. It also utilize the Top Products I Don’t Carry”┬áreport, a Drizly Retailer feature, to leverages Drizly’s trend data and make sure it was carrying the products that consumers actually want.

Store 2 wanted to make sure they were able to accept as many orders as possible. It worked closely with its account manager to expand its delivery map to cover under-served zip codes during busy times of the day and take advantage of new customers when other stores were paused.

Store 3 worked closely with their AM to train their drivers and be more efficient in their deliveries. By prepacking scheduled orders and customizing the delivery map to ensure quick deliveries, it decreased the overall delivery time. This led to a higher store ranking on site, which made them a more desirable store to new customers and, you guessed it, increased sales.


No matter where you are in the Drizly Retail Partner journey, you can boost your sales and ensure repeat customers by following in the footsteps of these successful stores. By increasing your store hours/availability, providing an exceptional delivery service, and leveraging the relationship you have with your Drizly account manager, you?ll see success online before you know it.

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