Drizly solves: Item substitutions

August 28, 2019


Our new Substitution Tool in the Retailer App and Drizly Portal makes it easy to sub out of stock items without delaying deliveries.

When a customer places an order through Drizly, they have to select a substitution preference before submitting. They have 3 options:

  1. Store recommendation: The customer trusts your choice of a similar replacement item, but expects a similar price and type/flavor item
  2. Call customer: You need to call the customer to discuss the substitution options. If you are having trouble contacting the customer, please inform Drizly Customer Experience so they can assist you
  3. Remove item: The customer doesn’t want a replacement, just to remove the out of stock item from the order

Here’s how you can use the new tool to fulfill an order based on the customer’s preference:

Replace Item

To replace an item on the order with a new option, you can click on the item name to begin the process. Simply select “Substitute” to open the search tool. Note: You can click the barcode icon to scan an item with your phone camera!

Update Quantities

If you need to adjust the quantity on an item, click on the numbered drop-down next to the item you’d like to adjust.

Remove Items

If you need to remove an item from the order, you can either change the quantity to “0”, or click on the item and select “Remove”. From there, you will need to select a reason for removing the item.

Process the change in App

Once the substitution has been decided on, you can easily apply the changes to their order by confirming the updates when you review the order. Payment will automatically update once confirmed.

And just like that, you?re back in business. Literally.

Any questions? Reach out to us at blaine@joindrizly.com and see how our team can get you up and running with ease.

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