May 31, 2019


NEW FREE REPORTING TOOL: Introducing Drizly Retailer, a new tool to help you track your performance and find opportunities for growth. And that’s right, it’s free for you to use when you become a Drizly retail partner (and if you aren’t a Drizly Retailer yet, fill out our form below to chat with our onboarding team for next steps)!


Improve Your Retailer Score

Customers see your Retailer Score when they shop on Drizly. We break down the most important metrics that go into this score and show you how you compare to the market on each metric.

Track Sales and Orders

Not sure how your store is performing over time? Looking for trends? Find all of your revenue, sales, and order reprots in this one place.

Reduce Delivery Times

Fast deliveries mean happy customers, and happy customers mean more orders for you! We’ll show you how you’re doing on delivery times and where you can take steps to impress your next customer.

Review Your Top-Selling Items

Do you know what inventory is flying off the shelves and what’s getting a liiiiittle dusty? See your top-sellers and stock up on the items that will make you more money.


See Top-Selling Items I Don’t Carry

Online trends move quickly and it can be hard to keep up. That’s when our latest Drizly Retailer report comes to the rescue: the Top-Selling Items I Don’t Carry report will show you which items are moving quickly on Drizly but aren’t available through your store.

You can filter items by category, change the selected date range, and see top sellers across all of Drizly or just within your local market. This report will also track if an item has increased or decreased in rank when compared to 30 or 60 days ago.

Log into Drizly Retailer to view your full reports and start leveling up your business today! And if you aren’t a Drizly Retailer yet, fill out our form to chat with our onboarding team for next steps to start delivering today!

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