No driver, no problem: How third-party delivery boosted sales for two Drizly stores

August 8, 2019



We know that the actual delivery part of fulfilling a Drizly order can be one of the biggest challenges retailers like you face. For some stores, it means hiring a delivery driver – for others, losing a staffer when they might be needed most. 

The good news is: you have options. Utilizing a third-party delivery service can increase your overall sales while cutting down your overhead, as it did for two Drizly stores that had gone offline due to the inability to hire a full-time delivery driver.

Store 1

– Couldn’t fulfill orders with current staff and switched from on-demand delivery to in-store pickup only

– Went offline a month later because they were not getting enough order volume for in-store pickup, and it cost too much money to pay a full-time driver

– Tested third-party delivery with Postmates four months after going offline


Thanks to Postmates, Store 1 was able to receive on-demand delivery orders without needing a dedicated staff member or taking an employee out of the store for an extended period of time. It saw a clear increase in sales from when they came back online – including a 14x increase in December sales year over year and a 10x increase in number of orders.

Store 2 

– Was doing very little volume, with a small walking-only delivery zone due to the fact that they could not dedicate an individual driver

– When they were busy in-store and received a Drizly order, they would send a $12 car service to deliver the order and then turn off for the rest of the evening. 

– Tested third-party delivery with Postmates one month after going offline


Through Postmates, Store 2 was able to cut its delivery fees in half and expand both its delivery zone and delivery hours, resulting in a 3x increase in sales in just the first three months.


If you’re worried about the costs associated with hiring a delivery driver (or losing one of your employees during peak hours, don’t be. Third-party delivery services will allow your business to reach new customers, expand your delivery zones and boost your sales – all while cutting down delivery costs. 

In the time since the study was conducted, both stores have transitioned all three of their locations to utilize Postmates. Third-party delivery has helped keep them online and expand their operations, making it a great solution for any stores that may be looking to increase volume and hours but don’t have the flexibility to hire a dedicated staff member.

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