To start, you should know there are no fixed costs at all when you work with Drizly. No sign-up fee. No maintenance fee or minimums. And no cancellation fees.

Beyond that, our pricing recognizes the fact that we operate in a highly regulated market. Our model is built to be compliant with the regulatory bodies in every state we operate in. Depending on where your store is located, you’ll fall into one of these pricing systems:

Dollars per Order

Pay a set dollar amount on every Drizly order.

Percentage of Sale

We earn a flat percentage of every Drizly order.

Tiered Licensing Fee Schedule

Fall into a pricing band based on volume of Drizly sales.

To learn more about pricing for your store, fill out your information so we can get in touch and walk you through your specifics.

Pricing FAQ’s

Not one single dollar. Adding Drizly to your business is completely free. We only charge based on the sales you earn from our platform. If you never generate a dime with us (which, by the way, has never happened), you never pay anything.

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We actually don’t determine them at all. You do. We never mark up your prices, so whatever the price is in store, that’s the price on Drizly.

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Alcohol laws vary state to state and get complex fast. Because of that, we don’t have a no one-size-fits all fee structure. Depending on your store’s location, you’ll fit into one of three pricing systems. To learn more, visit our Pricing page.

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Your store is always the merchant of record and you are paid in full directly for all sales coming from Drizly. You’ll receive daily settlement batches for your Drizly orders and we never hold any of your funds. Instead, we’ll invoice you at the end of each month for payment.

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