Let’s Grow Your Business

We know delivery and ecommerce might not be something your business is used to. We’ve made it easy to get your store online and set up to deliver directly to customers in your area as quickly as possible.  And, we’ve developed a suite of tools and resources to help you operate effectively and deliver excellent service to keep your Drizly customers coming back to your store. 

It Starts with Onboarding:


Our expert Store Integrations team has launched every one of our stores and dealt with over 100 POS systems. They’ll make sure everything in your store shows up online.


Let’s get you paid. We’ll get all the banking in order and make sure you’re getting your daily settlement batches.


Your staff gets our full suite of tools plus training on using them to deliver a great experience. And that’s just where it starts. Whenever we launch a new tool (which we often do), we make sure you and your hires are comfortable using it.

Our Support Continues When You're Up and Running:

Driver App

Access all things Drizly. See new orders, monitor activity, track deliveries, keep tabs on inventory, analyze your history and much more.

ID Verification Scanner

Built right into the Driver App, use our exclusive scanner to effectively verify identification and comply with age regulations before completing all deliveries.

Account Management

From day one you’ll have a dedicated Account Management resource. They’re your go to person for any questions, concerns or issues and they’re committed to your store’s success.

Customer Experience

This is our secret weapon. Our customer service team is amazing. They’re on the front lines, handling customer issues at any hour and are always in communication with stores to work through hiccups.

Market Insights

We process and analyze hundreds of thousands of alcohol transactions daily. We share unique national and market-level trends, so you know the right products to carry in your store. You can get a glimpse for the kind of data you can receive from Drizly here

Features FAQ’s


Tons. Everyone in our office is committed to making sure all our stores succeed. From day one we’ll be there to help grow your business. There are too many details to list here, so check out the Tools page to learn more.

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Our marketing team is dedicated to getting customers to use Drizly. And there are over 85 alcohol brands (including Bud Light, Tito’s and Heineken) driving people to purchase on Drizly from their own sites, social media and more.

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We want to set you up for success and enable you to deliver customers a great experience. That means alerting you as soon as you get any Drizly orders. We’ll set you up with all our exclusive technology and train your whole staff how to use it. For more details, check out our Tools page.

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We sure can. We’re able to analyze tens of thousands of transactions per day, which gives us unique access to national and local trends. And we’re happy to share them. We can send you national or market-level insights upon requests and we’re working on tools that make it simple for you to get this information for yourself whenever you want it.

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Absolutely not. We randomize and anonymize all our data. And we never share store-specific data externally.

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Lucky for us (and you), we’ve got a team of experts that specialize in this exact thing. They make sure that if it’s in your store, it shows up on Drizly. Our Store Integrations department has a unique expertise when it comes to working with POS systems. They’ve worked with over 100 POS systems and have launched every single store that’s ever been on Drizly. Trust us when we say that they’ve seen it all. Twice.

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