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Update on COVID-19

We have seen significant shifts throughout the beverage alcohol industry over the last few months. Drizly Retail Partners’ sales overall shot up to nearly 800% year over year as consumers turned to online delivery services as a safer alternative. If you are interested in bringing your store online quickly to reach more customers, we stand ready to help. Additionally, we do have guidelines to help you practice safe deliveries to protect your team and customers. If you have questions, please fill out the form above or reach out to

Why Partner with Drizly?

Grow Your Business Online

Consumer demand for online alcohol delivery continues to increase. Bring your shelves online for free with Drizly – no sign up, maintenance, or cancellation fees, and no need to build your own platform from scratch.

Reach New Customers

Think of us as your new marketing arm. As the largest ecommerce alcohol platform in North America, we reach millions of consumers and are always driving both new and returning customers to our Retail Partners.

Sell Smarter

We’ve spent nearly a decade designing tools to help businesses like yours succeed on – and off – Drizly. Drizly Retail Partners get access to a wealth of data, insights, and tools to make smarter inventory and pricing decisions.

Interested in connecting with someone at Drizly? Give us a call at 774-234-1184 to learn more.

How Drizly Works

Bring Your Business Online

Drizly works with over 100 point of sale systems. Connect your inventory to start selling right away.

We provide real time inventory updates via your POS system, Daily Settlements, and access to a dedicated Drizly Account Manager to ensure the success of your store.

Drizly Shoppers Find You

Customers that might not have previously shopped your shelves will find you when shopping the Drizly app. Drizly helps you acquire and retain new customers and drive incremental sales.

Custom Delivery Options

You choose the delivery days, hours and fulfillment type that works best for your store. *3rd party delivery available to stores in certain geographies.


of Drizly customers are more likely to shop your store in-person


of customers repeat at the same store on Drizly


of Drizly customers will be new to your store

What Our Retail Partners Are Saying

Our business has grown by 30% in the past year since joining Drizly, and that growth has come not just from orders we receive through its platform, but also through our in-store business, expanding our reach from a few blocks to a five mile radius.

Kunal Desai

Owner & President, Urban Pantry

Because of Drizly we can expand our inventory to include more craft beer and single malts. Because of this expanded inventory we’ve also seen more people coming into the store that would’ve gone elsewhere or driven farther to get these products.

Sherwin Vargas

General Manager, Brother's Liquors

We continue to be excited about our relationship with Drizly – we have benefited greatly from the partnership. We now attract business from many corporate customers that we never had in the past as well as significant sales from outside our ZIP Code.

Paul Nani

President, Casa Oliveira Wines & Liquors

This tool/app has changed the dynamics of the alcohol industry country wide. I know it has especially for me. It has kept me going and made me very active to keep doing more and more business.

Andy Desai

Owner, Sherry's Wine & Spirits

Frequently asked questions

Drizly was uniquely designed to operate within the three-tier system. We’re not out to disrupt it – we’re here to help our partners bring their shelves online in a legally compliant manner. We’re fully versed on the proper regulations of each state we operate in and can work with you to determine if you’re able to partner with Drizly today.

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We’ve done it in as little as 48 hours before and since we’re pretty competitive, we’re always trying to beat that record. Generally, you can expect that it will take around 5-7 days, but it depends on a variety of factors. We can give you a better idea once we start talking.

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You might. We strongly encourage you to contact regulatory bodies in your state to ensure you’re properly certified to deliver alcohol to customers.

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Stores and their staff maintain control of packing and delivering all orders received through Drizly. In some states, third party delivery services are available. For more information on external delivery solutions in your area, contact us.

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We operate on a marketplace model and our platform is open to all qualified retailers. While we do not guarantee exclusivity to any one store in a given area, we’re constantly investing in driving new customers to all of our Retail Partners to help grow their business.

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You do! We’ve got a pretty good idea what factors will set you up for success and will happily help you figure out what’s best for your store. And nothing is set in stone. You’re always able to adjust based on demand, capability and desire.

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